Welcome to Educatedly!

Thanks for dropping by! My name is Michael Del Rosario and my students and colleagues call me Mr. D.

Educatedly is website created to help users easily find and share teaching tools and resources in one place.

The Educatedly website has two main parts:

1.  Directory of teaching tools and learning resources

2.  Job board for teachers and other professionals in education

What Can You Do on Educatedly?

1.  Find tools and resources you can use for teaching

2.  Share and add links your favorite teaching tools and resources

3.  Find teaching jobs for general and special education teachers

With your help and support, we can build the best collection of learning tools and resources that teachers and students can use in the classroom. 

And if you’re looking for a teaching job, we invite you to browse our teachers’ job board for the latest job listings for teachers.