Free Online Marketing Tools and Strategies for Teachers

Free Online Marketing Tools and Strategies for Teachers

Are you a teacher selling products and services that teachers and students can use Would you like to promote and advertise your business without paying a dime?

Here are three ways you can advertise your educational products and services for free:

Join MakeMeBuy

MakeMeBuy is a free and effective marketing platform for local and online business that I created to help small business owners in Cerritos, California.

Once you’re a member, you can create a professional business profile with your links to your website, social media outlets and blog. These links will help increase your website’s search engine ranking that can lead to more sales. You can also publish your coupons, videos and even your special events. Enjoy these proven marketing tools all for free. You can watch MakeMeBuy’s video below or do direct to their website at

Create YouTube Videos Using Loom

Videos are powerful and as a business owner, you should be using videos for marketing. Video marketing can be very expensive. If you’re in a tight budget, use Loom to create videos you can post on popular sites such as YouTube. Loom is a free screen capture and video recording software. You can use it to create videos for sales, product announcements, special promotions and even staff training. Loom is also a great teaching tool for teachers. To learn more, go to

Share Your Educational Website and Products on Educatedly

Of course, this article won’t be complete if we do not mention Educatedly. Educatedly is a free service for teachers and sharing a link to your website on is fast and easy. It’s completely free and it only takes a few seconds to get your link added on our directory of tools for teachers prominently displayed on our home page. Simply login or create an account and complete a short form that describes your link. To get started, go to our user login page.

Give the above marketing strategies a try and share your experience in the comment section below.



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