Educatedly is for Teachers Helping Teachers

Are you a teacher looking for teaching resources you can use to help your students? You’re at the right place!

Teachers Helping Teachers

Educatedly is basically a massive list of teaching resources created to help teachers easily find the learning tools they can use in the classroom.

We will be adding useful links and content for teachers on a regular basis. Our collection of teaching tools will include links to educational websites, worksheets, videos, online courses, software and other resources you can use to make teaching easier and more enjoyable.

We also encourage you to help other teachers by sharing your favorite tools and websites with us. It’s completely free and easy.

To get started, please submit your links here now.

We’re already working to add more cool features including the option to submit articles for our blog. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your support and please don’t forget to spread the word about


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